Cloris Kylie’s  Ask Me Anything Podcast 3

As I develop my list of influencers for my book Call Courage, I have found Cloris Kylie’s book: Beyond Influencer Marketing to be very helpful. Any person looking to expand their business and/or get their message out should clearly research and define their influencers. I am currently selecting my influencers in terms of their values, messages and favorite platforms for communications. Some of my influencers may also be selected as interviewees for my book as well. I look forward to sharing my journey with you, via this post and or videos.

Hi, World, It’s Lauren

I’m Lauren( LC) Cragg and I’m all about sharing stories that champion courage, inspire and change the way people see the world. I do this through creating compelling content across print, screen, stage, music and digital space.

I’m currently writing my book, Call Courage: Hang Up on Your Fears. The book includes phone calling techniques, celebrity interviews and insights as to how you can conquer your long-term affair with fear.

I love to play golf, travel, sew, create custom jewelry, and am a self-proclaimed foodie.

When creating I’m hanging out with my two Shelties: Kimi and Xena in rural Connecticut.

Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is the mark of a successful person.”                                                                                                               Seth Godin